1.5ml Injection C Ampoules

vitamin C injection ampoules and kit

Vitamin C Injection Kit, 1.5ml / 150mg

Vitamin C Ampoules & Complete Kits

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1.5ml Ampoules

I.M Ampoules

Makind Pharma

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150mg, 6,00,000 UI

EXP DATE: 04/2025

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Kit Contents

  • Ampoule
  • Syringe
  • Drawing Pin
  • Small Injection Pin
  • Alcohol Swab

Buy Vitamin C Injection Kits

Looking to buy Vitamin C injection kits online in UK? look no further. Delivering a potent dose of pharmaceutical-grade ascorbic acid directly into your body through intramuscular injection, Vitamin C shots bypass the digestive system, ensuring rapid absorption and heightened bloodstream vitamin levels.

Vitamin C home kits provide a convenient and effective method to enhance your overall health and well-being. From boosting your immune system and warding off infections to promoting youthful skin and managing chronic diseases, the benefits of Vitamin C injections are plentiful.

It's crucial to note that while Vitamin C injections can be advantageous, they should be administered under proper medical guidance.

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