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Message us on WhatsApp for a quick chat. Got a question? Shoot us an email. Need privacy? Submit an anonymous support ticket. Connect on our live forums. Prefer the phone? Call our sales and support line which are open from 9AM til 5PM.


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Our main communication method is through our business WhatsApp account. It's a streamlined and efficient way for everyone at MB12 to share updates, answer queries, and provide personalized service.

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20 Wenlock Road,
London, N1 7GU

OFFICE:  0330 133 7980
MOB:  07538 391122

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Monday to Friday
9AM till 5PM

Community Forums

MB12 Forum, led by Shay, who's passionate about health and wellness. A space created for B12 enthusiasts to connect, learn, and share experiences.

Private Messaging

If you have personal questions or inquiries and prefer privacy, send us a private message. Our online ticket system keeps your information secure. no emails or confirmations, just discreet support.